From our artisans to our community, we believe we can make a difference in Cambodia and around the world.


Today, Cambodia ranks as one of Southeast Asia’s poorest nations. It is said that over 70% of women working in Cambodia are in vulnerable employment and a woman head of household is likely to earn 55% less than a male head of household. With social attitudes in Cambodia that favor men and discriminate against women, there is much work to be done to achieve gender parity & equality.

Penh Lenh strive to be examples & messengers of equality and inclusion.

Being located in Cambodia, we have a firsthand look at the harmful effects of fast-fashion and unethical practices of the garment industries. The fashion industry is one of the largest employers of women worldwide, yet is particularly likely to exploit its’ employees through low wages, excessive hours, and toxic working environments.

Penh Lenh is deeply committed to promoting equality and combating these industries through providing our staff with:

  • Starting salaries that average 30-40% above garment industry standards

  • 5 day / 40 hour work week (the standard in Cambodia is 6 days / 48 hours)

  • Proper 150% Overtime Pay when staff works more than 40 hours, plus 200% Holiday Pay

  • Properly follow all Labor Laws of Cambodia - including paid vacation, sick, and holidays

  • 3 months paid maternity leave

  • Medical & Dental insurance for all Full-time staff

  • Subsidized food program

  • Weekly english classes, with additional educational opportunities


Watching our artisans take pride in their accomplishments, professionally, personally, and academically, is Penh Lenh's greatest joy. Each morning we wake up hopeful for what is to come and grateful for what we've built.