From our artisans to our community, we believe we can make a difference in Cambodia and around the world.


Today, Cambodia ranks as one of Southeast Asia’s poorest nations. For many Khmer people, making ends meet is more important than human dignity, which is why over 70% of women are in vulnerable employment; including over 15,000 women in Phnom Penh alone that work in drug or sex-related industries, often with the hope of being able to support their families.

The artisans of Penh Lenh strive to be messengers of equality in the workshop and throughout the community.

Penh Lenh seeks to combat these industries by taking our mission outside of our workshop and into the community through service projects and fun events. 

Serving the marginalized and often abused women of our city gives Penh Lenh the chance to illustrate messages of kindness, peace, and hope where those things often lay dormant.


World-wide change
comes from


Penh Lenh is a family,
and like family should,
we look out for one another.

It is our mission to pour 100% of our net profits back into building new and effective methods of teaching and caring for our artisans.

We are deeply committed to changing the world by starting from within. Weekly, our team members are offered academic courses that cover an array of topics ranging from nutrition and physical wellness, to female empowerment, English classes, and professional & budgeting skills. It is our belief that from knowledge springs strength, and from strength springs reform.

Watching our artisans take pride in their accomplishments, professionally, personally, and academically, is Penh Lenh's greatest joy. Each morning we wake up hopeful for what is to come and grateful for what we've built.