In 2013, our founder, Rachel Dodson, left her fast-paced job as a modeling agent in New York City to pursue a career in serving and empowering marginalized women. It was then that Rachel traveled to Phnom Penh, Cambodia and saw the need for women to be educated and provided with self-sustaining jobs. Just a couple months later, her bags were packed for good.

Thus began Penh Lenh. 

Since it's beginning, Penh Lenh has grown into an internationally recognized jewelry company that not only produces unique and bold pieces, but also serves its artisans through quality education, sustaining employment, and female empowerment.

There is a saying in Cambodia that goes, "Men are gold, women are a white cloth," which implies that men are strong and cannot be stained or lose their value, while women—like a white cloth—once dirty, are stained forever. We are on a mission to correct this mentality and create a movement toward equality across the world. 

Rachel Dodson, founder of Penh Lenh

Rachel Dodson, founder of Penh Lenh


Penh Lenh strives to make a lasting impact on a world in which every woman deserves to seek her dreams and know her value. 


Designed by Women.


Made by Women.